Hello! My name is Pavel, but you can call me Ko3. I do digital painting and I speak Russian and English.
Feel free to contact me through any of my socials, I will also make my discord available to clients, if they prefer it.

All additional characters add 100% of the cost to the price.
Background prices are based on complexity, and there are additional fees for complicated designs.

Order form

Only contact me about commissions with the following form:

Type: (small sprite, fullbody etc.)
Character(s): (Please include a clear, preferably digital reference image.)
Description: (pose, mood, scenery etc.)
Extra: (Notes or anything else you want to let me know about)
Feel free to also include info about the personality of your character.


Available ✔

PORTRAIT (stylized) [$22]

Available ✔

Less realistic portrait with more intense textures and decorative elements


Available ✔

FULLBODY (stylized) [$37]

Available ✔

Less realistic fullbody with more intense textures and decorative elements


Available ✔

Price heavily depends on scene complexity (backround, lighting, perspective)

REFERENCE [Starts at $42]

Available ✔

Price heavily depends on complexity (design, details, accessories)

Pixel art

Small animation (blinking or bouncing) is free!
Complex animations are discussed individually.

LIMITED PALETTE [Starts at $10]

Available ✔

Price depends on size and the amount of colors


Available ✔

100x100 pixels


Available ✔

200x200 pixels

I WILL draw

  • non-humanoid characters (animals, CS, mythical creatures)

  • complex organic backgrounds

  • simple architecture

  • simple robot characters

I WON'T draw

  • NSFW (blood is ok)

  • humans, humanoid characters, anthro

  • complex architecture

  • artwork that promotes hate speech


  • After receiving payment, I will send you a confirmation sketch so you can request any changes.

  • You can request new WIPs at any time.

  • If a mistake in the artwork was made on my behalf (for example, I forgot to draw an accessory that was clearly shown in the reference or mentioned to me) I will fix it for free even on a finished piece, however, if it was a mistake caused by insufficient information from the buyer, I will only change it for an extra fee.

Ordering & Payment

  • I don't start working on the piece until I receive the full payment.

  • I only accept payment via PayPal invoice in USD.

  • I don't accept written description of characters, only reference images.

  • I don't accept refunds past the confirmation sketch stage.

  • There are no refunds after I completed the piece.

  • I have the right to cancel or decline any commission for any reason.

  • If you don't want the art posted publicly please let me know in the order form.

Copyright & Usage

  • You can't use my work for commercial purposes and make any profit of it, unless agreed upon.

  • Reposting your commission on any other websites is fine, but please properly credit me.

  • I'm mostly fine with altering my artwork such as cropping, using filters, adding text etc., however, you still have to give me proper credit no matter how much you altered my artwork.