Hello! I'm Pavel,
a digital painter from Russia.

commission status: OPEN

Be sure to include in your commission request:

  • character reference;

  • description of the desired artwork;

  • any details or notes you want me to know;

  • Feel free to get into the nitty-gritty with the descriptions, or give me free reign!;

  • Additional characters add +100% of the price

In my own opinion, my strong suits are:

Dark colors, but also bright and saturated colors; natural lighting and environments; dramatic lighting from a variety of angles; textures, details, rendering, limited palettes

Thematically, I enjoy dramatic expressions, dark topics, horror, eye-catching colors, lots of details and textures, exaggerated proportions and style

I'm not very confident in my ability to draw:

Difficult, extreme perspective, complex architecture, pastel colors and lighting, cute, cartoony artstyles, artwork with too many characters, vehicles and inorganic things such as robots, hyperrealism


A portrait of your character!
Includes an abstract painted BG
(simple fills are OK, but transparency may not be possible)

May include hands of the character, various lighting and props (affects price)

Simple portrait

Less detailed, quick painting of your character!
Feel free to let me know your color preferences. Limited palettes are also OK

Includes an abstract painted BG
(simple fills are OK, but transparency may not be possible)


A fullbody portrait of your character!

Various lighting, props, background scenes and compositions are OK depending on your vision!

Simpler fullbody

Less detailed painting of your character!
Be sure to let me know your pose/color preferences.
Includes a painted abstract bg or color fill/transparency


Pretty much any painting that doesn't fit other categories
Price may vary depending on what you need!
Takes a long time to complete, so keep this in mind.

Breaking the rules of my TOS will result in a permanent blacklisting from ever receiving any artwork or designs from me.

WILL draw

  • Anthro/feral animals;

  • Pets;

  • OCs;

  • Mythical creatures (dragons, gryphons, etc.);

  • Monsters, original species;

  • Complex nature backgrounds;

  • Armor;

  • Gore, blood, body horror (depends);

  • Robots (depends);

  • Complex characters (depends);

  • Architecture (depends);

WON'T draw

  • Human characters, characters with human faces;

  • NSFW or fetish content of any kind;

  • Offensive or hateful content of any kind;

  • Complex architecture;

  • Copyrighted characters, celebrities, real people;

  • Vehicles (something like a scooter, bike or motorcycle would probably be OK);


  • I may refuse any commission for any reason;

  • Only clear visual references, no

  • There are fees for overly complicated characters, backgrounds, perspective, etc.;

  • You may only commission art of characters you own or with the explicit permission of the owner;

  • I will post the finished commissions on my social media, hovewer you can let me know if I shouldn't post it before a certain date (holidays, etc.);

  • After the approval sketch I don't usually send out the coloring/shading/rendering stages, you can request to see them, hovewer keep in mind that is going to slow progress on the artwork a lot;

  • I don't usually work with deadlines, and usually it takes me from a week to over a month to complete a piece, depending on the complexity and my queue.


  • Payment via paypal invoice in USD only;

  • Full payment is expected after a sketch is sent for edits and approved;

  • No refunds after work is completed;

  • Refunds before completion depend on how much work I have already completed;

  • Issuing a chargeback is going to get you blacklisted permanently;


  • Feel free to request my discord for communication, if you prefer;

  • Let me know about any edits you want on the sketch stage, edits on the finished piece come with additional fees or may not be accepted;

  • Excessive edits on the sketch stage may come with a fee, please be clear with all the edits you want, feel free to redline on top of the sketch;

  • In case I missed something that was clearly stated in the commission request or on the character reference I will fix it for free;

  • You can usually see if I made any progress on the artwork on my trello;

  • Do not contact me for non-work related matters or request excessive updates as it slows down the process immensely;

  • After completion, you will be provided with a full-size version of the finished piece, feel free to request it in case I forgot to send it out;


  • USE IN NFTS, BLOCKCHAINS, CRYPTO IS STRICTLY FORBIDDEN UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. Use in advertising or promotion of nfts, blockchains, cryptocurrency is strictly forbidden;

  • Always credit me as the author when using my art;

  • You may post your commission at any website, use it as an icon or header, etc.;

  • You may use your commission for non commercial, personal purposes (individual prints are OK);

  • Adding filters, cropping, hue-shifting, adding text is fine, however, do not obstruct or crop out my signature

  • If you're not sure about what kind of edit or usage is OK, feel free to contact me